Maureen Wilks

Artist, Photographer, Writer

Since the Fall of 2015 I have been printing art creations on backlit film as well as on canvas and fine art paper. The backlit pieces are framed in custom made light boxes by Pete Ulbricht.  The frames are made out of aspen, oak, bass or poplar. Frames are stained to bring out highlights for specific pieces. The backlit art allows the viewer to dim or brighten the art using a dimmer switch.
The backlit art is printed in 8 color eco-solvent inks that produce stunningly rich and vibrant prints that last 20 times longer than other prints, are scratch and water resistant, and can withstand direct UV sunlight for years to remain bright and vivid. The backlit film is also viewable during the day as a vibrant reflective print (when backlit illumination is off) – making the film perfect for day and night, lit and unlit applications.