Maureen Wilks

Artist, Photographer, Writer

Driving back from the San Juans it's always a  pleasant break to stop at the Echo Canyon Amphitheater where blood red varnish drapes down the slick amphitheater walls. The yellowish- whitish sandstone cliffs of the Entrada Formation are capped by a distinctive horizon of gypsum, the Todilto Formation. It's a lovely short walk from the BLM car park into the amphitheater where you can call out and hear the echoes softly return.
I began to work with this photo to create a series of faces after a lovely road trip through the Four Corners in the fall of 2016. My final stop before I reached civilization was Echo Amphitheater.

Echo Canyon No. 3

24x24 in

​​Echo Canyon, Rio Arriba County, NM