Maureen Wilks

Artist, Photographer, Writer

I have been working for the last 15 years with my photographs to create visually stunning original artwork. My paints are my original photographs and my brushes are the tools and elements of Photoshop, which I use to create unique pieces.

I want to make viewing fun.  My pieces are inspired by southwest wildlife and wildflowers where the original photo still peaks out to conjure up different forms and feelings to the viewer. 
I often work with mutliple images. For me there is a story connected to the original photographs, joyful memories that resonate within me as I work at my computer.

Sonoran Mountain Clownface combines my passion of wildflowers with reptiles. I came across the Sonoran Mountan Kingsnake way back in 1992 in the Gila National Forest. The Alpine Groundsel and Alpine Larskpur were photographed on a memorable trip into Black Bear Basin in the San Juan Mountains in the  late summer of 2015.