Maureen Wilks

Artist, Photographer, Writer

This piece combined the spring arrival of moths with the bloom of the Yuccas. Every spring we are invaded by hundreds of moths. Some years our back patio is so thick with moths that the kitchen window is covered completely by them. More often than not these moths are relatively small and plain, grayish-white visitors. Flitting among them is a small handful of larger moths that flap more loudly against the window panes. Drawn by the lights in the garage they flutter around my husbands work bench and if I am quick enough I can photograph them before they flutter away.

In May Yuccas bloom throughout New Mexico. The Soaptree Yucca is the state flower.  The young stalks resemble overgrown asparagus, and were eaten by native Indians. The ripe fleshy fruit was also eaten raw, roasted or ground into cakes and dried for the winter months. The leaves are still used in basket making. 

Yucca Moth Goblet

11x14 in

Yucca elata